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Our Epic Post on how to get started in Esports

In this post I explain the who, what, when and how of starting in esports.

This site is for anyone looking to get started esports!

My daughter once declaired, “I want to play esports for a living!”

And like any resonable parent I said, “I don’t think so! You’re not going to sit around and play games all day.”

But seriously…I did have that thought, but promised my daughter I would at least look into this “esports” thing.

And that’s when I discovered…this esports thing is legit!

  1. Esports is a billion-dollar industry
  2. Even the biggest NFL and NBA teams are getting involved
  3. The social impact on kids can be a positive thing
  4. Watching esports can be a family event
  5. There is a ton of career opportunities within the esports industry

Go ahead and check out our research and everything we discovered about esports…we hope it helps.

Thanks for being here!

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