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Last Updated On July 3, 2022


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I have much more in-depth knowledge about console gaming over PC. My brother and I always had an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo.

Console gaming is an important part of esports and having the right gear is critical. Thankfully there are far fewer pieces to purchase when beginning a career as a console esports athlete.


I can vividly remember getting the original Xbox for Christmas back in the 2000s. We spent hours playing on that console and then upgraded to the Xbox 360.

Esports athletes today are using the Xbox One when competing in esports tournaments.

Xbox has a distinct advantage on the esports scene because of Halo and Gears of War. Both are popular games to play and can only be used on an Xbox.

If these are the games you want to compete in we could recommend buying the Xbox One S.

You’ll notice the edition we recommend is the new digital-only version. Meaning there’s no way for you to insert a disc.

This machine is designed for gaming and esports only!

The Xbox One S is built to handle all current games in beautiful 4k and shows no lag in graphics.

The Xbox One S is a highly respected machine that won’t break the bank.

Additional Services

Purchasing an Xbox gives you access to 2 additional services that are highly needed to compete in esports.

You’ll be able to use Xbox Live one of the most popular online gaming services. Plus you’ll be able to use Mixer. A video streaming site very similar to Twitch and YouTube Gaming.


The system will come with a controller but if you’d like there is an additional controller you can purchase Xbox One Elite.

Microsoft designed this controller with esports athletes in mind.

It feels great and won’t ever slip out of your hands.

Plus there are endless customization options! Gamers can rearrange just about everything on the controller. Making it feel incredibly personable.

At $150 it’s a sizable investment but one that might be worth it.


The last piece of equipment you’ll need to compete on your Xbox is a headset.

There’s a ton of companies designing great headsets but we decided to go with the Razer Kraken Pro V2.

They’re incredibly stylish. Part of the fun in competing is looking good while you’re beating up the competition.

Beyond just looking nice the Razer Kraken is also reasonably priced and provides great sound quality.

You’ll easily be able to hear your teammates as you plan a strategy to win it all!


The PlayStation 4 is an interesting system in esports.

It’s definitely used in a number of tournaments but the PlayStation doesn’t have any signature games that have their own esports league. There’s no Halo or Gears of War.

In most esports leagues that use games like Madden, Injustice, or FIFA the PlayStation 4 is the go-to system.

To compete in esports using Sony’s machine we’d recommend the PlayStation 4 Pro.

There’s a reason the PlayStation 4 is the best selling console currently in the market.
It’s an incredible machine that can handle any game, never has any lags, and is incredibly powerful with 4k display.

It has its own online software called the PlayStation Network. Allowing you to play with gamers all over the world.

You’ll be very happy with your purchase of a PlayStation 4.


There is a controller included with the purchase of your PlayStation 4 but most esports players prefer to use a different controller.

Sony has partnered with Razer to build the Razer Raiju Pro Gaming Controller.

The last thing you want is to have any disadvantage in an esports tournament. This is why the Razer Raiju was created.

It’s designed to be incredibly fast to enhance quick decisions. There are also a lot of customizable options with 2 detachable triggers.

You can make the exact controller that you want!


When looking at headsets for the PlayStation 4 it didn’t take me long to find exactly what to recommend.

You’ll definitely be able to compete in esports with the Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset.

I actually found it really reassuring that the best headset was designed by Sony. Who best to build a product for their system than themselves.

The PlayStation Platinum is built with 7.1 Surround Sound meaning you won’t miss anything!

Plus it has built-in noise-canceling microphones so you’re teammates can hear you very clearly.


Nintendo will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first console I ever owned.

In esports, there are 2 games being supported with tournaments, Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon 2.

Both have very devoted and dedicated followings but are still growing.

In order to compete in these tournaments, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is their latest console and is incredibly popular. Fans are really enjoying the product meaning more people will be interested in their esports games.

While not as powerful as some of the other consoles the Nintendo Switch is a very fun machine.

All of the games for it look flawless and its ability to be mobile is a major draw.

It’s worth purchasing one for the ability to play Super Smash Bros. in my opinion.


If you’ve never looked at the Nintendo Switch before you might be surprised to see that the controller looks like a tablet.

It was a very bold move by Nintendo to design the controller this way. It makes gaming on the go incredibly easy but it’s not necessarily the best controller for esports.

To fix this problem we recommend the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

It’s well designed for long periods of gaming, has well-designed buttons, an excellent battery life, and is perfect for Super Smash Bros.

There’s not a headset I would recommend only for Nintendo Switch.

Since the main game on the Switch is Super Smash Bros. there’s never a need to communicate with teammates as it’s traditionally a single player game in tournaments.


As you can see from our recommendations it’s noticeably cheaper to use a gaming console.

The tradeoff though is there is less notoriety and money involved in being a professional console esports store.

It’s definitely a great career option if you decide you love games like Madden, Halo, or Call of Duty.

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