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Dear Mom, I Want to Play Games for a Living

Sometimes having real conversations with family can be difficult. For young aspiring esports athletes, those conversations typically involve telling their parents they want to play ...
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how to become a successful streamer,twitch,streaming websites,start a twitch channel Careers

How to Become a Successful Streamer

Most esports athletes will have to support themselves financially through streaming. It provides them a less stressful way to play video games and interact with ...
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What Esports Jobs are Available Other than Gaming?

Would you find comfort in knowing there is a wide range of professions within the esports industry? We had no idea just how many incredible ...
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How do You Stay Healthy While Competing in Esports?

Not encouraging a healthy and physical lifestyle has always been one of the biggest critiques against the video game industry. Most people view video games ...
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How Much Money Can I Make as a Professional Gamer?

No matter how much you love playing video games and want to make it a profession at the end of the day you have to ...
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how expensive is it to play esports Careers

How Expensive is it to Play Esports: Part 1

It doesn’t matter what hobby or sport your child decides to pursue one of the first questions every parent asks is, “How much is this ...
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how expensive is it to play esports Careers

How Expensive is it to Play Esports: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our blog series covering the cost to play esports. In this post, we’re going to look about the games that’ll ...
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How Do I Get Started in Esports?

If you are reading our blogs, you are probably either a gamer, a potential gamer, or the parent of a player. It really doesn’t matter ...
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Can You Actually Train for Esports?

I always thought that professional gamers simply played a ton of video games to “train”. In reality, their training regiment is strict, challenging, and is ...
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Can Girls Play Esports?

There’s always been a stereotype that video games and esports are only for men. That trend is quickly changing thanks to young gamers like our ...
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