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Can Girls Play Esports?

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There’s always been a stereotype that video games and esports are only for men. That trend is quickly changing thanks to young gamers like our sister. Can girls play esports? While there’s still a lot of work to be done for female gamers to feel comfortable and supported within esports the future does look bright. …

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Best Esports Gaming Chairs

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This was a side of esports I wasn’t aware of before starting this website. I simply assumed gamers simply sat in office chairs or on the couch. There is an entire industry dedicated to making gaming chairs. Companies are working to create the perfect chairs for these athletes so they’re always comfortable and they’re bodies …

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Best Console Gaming Gear

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I have much more in-depth knowledge about console gaming over PC. My brother and I always had an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. Console gaming is an important part of esports and having the right gear is critical. Thankfully there are far fewer pieces to purchase when beginning a career as a console esports athlete. Xbox …

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NFL Owners and Other Billionaires are Stepping Up as Esports Investors

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Esports might appear to be a very niche league, but it’s actually being supported by true heavyweights in the world. I was astounded to discover some of the people investing in esports. Who are the biggest esports investors? The industry should feel very good about their future when people like Michael Jordan, Drake, Tony Robbins, …

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