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Esports for Beginners: An Introduction to Esports

Since the beginning of the video game era, people have been playing esports competitively. Esports stands for electronic sports, which existed long before these deep ...
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Who are the Most Popular Esports Players in 2020?

Esports is becoming increasingly popular throughout the globe for its competitive nature. Professional esports gamers are earning more than you can imagine. In terms of ...
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Esports Resources to Get You Started

Below is a list of useful esports resources, links, tools, guides, and anything else we could think of to help you along your esports journey. ...
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How to Start a Professional Esports Team

Owning and operating an esports team is very similar to owning a business. I found this particular topic very interesting because of my own entrepreneurial ...
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Where Can I Watch Esports Competitions?

If you’ve been following any of our previous blogs, hopefully, you’ve become a fan of esports. Now that you are intrigued and want to support ...
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Is Esports Betting Legal?

We can all agree that esports is a highly entertaining product. But what if I told you there is a way that people are trying ...
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What Esports Games do the Professionals Play?

There is a huge assortment of video games you can choose to play as a professional gamer. While not every game is considered as prestigious ...
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Can Virtual Reality and Esports Coexist?

It’s pretty incredible to see how far technology has come within the past few years. One of the more popular inventions has been the push ...
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Esports Nicknames and Their Purpose

Most of us have been given a nickname at least once in our lives. Typically these nicknames are funny or ironic. In esports nicknames or ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Esports Summer Camps 2020

With summer upon us, and COVID-19 flipping business-as-usual upside down, we wanted to help you make plans to keep your gaming skills up to par ...
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