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Best Esports Gaming Chairs

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This was a side of esports I wasn’t aware of before starting this website. I simply assumed gamers simply sat in office chairs or on the couch.

There is an entire industry dedicated to making gaming chairs. Companies are working to create the perfect chairs for these athletes so they’re always comfortable and they’re bodies remain healthy while playing. Depending on the game you’ve chosen to play you’ll get a PC gaming chair or a rocket chair which is generally for console gaming.

PC Gaming Chair

Getting the perfect PC gaming chair can really make a difference.

To be a professional gamer you’ll have to spend extended hours playing which means lots of sitting.

All of this sitting can be bad for your posture, blood flow, and overall health.

Thankfully companies have made great leaps and bounds to make these chairs help with all these issues.

Please know a top-notch gaming chair isn’t going to be a cheap investment. These are very nice products and can be pricey.

After reading a lot of expert opinions we feel comfortable recommending the AutoFull Gaming Chair.

There were a few reasons why we recommended this chair. First, it’s very reasonably priced at only $199.

Second, it comes with a wide variety of seating positions to make it most comfortable for you.

Lastly, you’ll appreciate the mesh backing. During intense gaming tournaments, it helps keep you nice and cool.

It might not matter to you but the chair also looks very nice.

Console Gaming Chair

There will definitely be a temptation to not buy a console gaming chair.

Unlike PC gaming it’s very easy to simply sit on your couch or chair.

What separates these specific gaming chairs is there ability to help you feel more immersed in the games and help with your overall health.

We recommend the X Rocker Pro 4.1.

It’s a stylish and very functional piece of furniture.

I found it very unique that the chair has a built-in speaker system. Meaning you can literally feel the game sounds in your chair! Plus there’s a subwoofer.

The temptation to let your posture slide while sitting on a couch is a very real problem. Especially because you spend so much time sitting there.

With the X Rocker, you’ll be forced to maintain proper posture. Which will help your overall gaming by keeping you alert.


Gaming chairs are a fun accessory to take your esports career to the next level. They provide comfort, support, and typically bring lots of style.

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