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Recommended Gear for Professional Gamers

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Starting a career in esports requires special equipment. And to make things easier on you, we took the time and spent 100’s of hours researching and reviewing all the different pieces needed so you (or your child) can get started right away.

Some of the gear recommended is the same used by the high-level professionals, but we were very conscious to pay attention to the price. Even our parents had a budget for our sister. I think you’ll find a fairly comprehensive list giving you everything you need while staying within budget.

Computer ‘Rigs’

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Gaming PCs have a lot of different components and are very customizable. After reading a variety of experts opinions and seeing what equipment the actual professional gamers are using here are our suggestions to build a great rig.

Here’s our recommended gear for Computer Rigs

Console Gaming

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Console gaming is an important part of esports but it’s not held in the same esteem as PC gaming. While there are very popular games on consoles there’s nothing like League of Legends. Thankfully there are far fewer pieces to purchase when beginning a career as a console esports athlete.

Here’s our recommened Console Gear.

Gaming Chairs

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There is an entire industry dedicated to making gaming chairs. Companies are working to create the perfect chairs for these athletes so they’re always comfortable and they’re bodies remain healthy while playing. Depending on the game you’ve chosen to play you’ll get a PC gaming chair or a rocket chair which is generally for console gaming.

Our recommendations for Gaming Chairs.

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